Golden Valley Ice Dam Removal – Understanding and Prevention

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Ice dams are simply ridges of ice that form at the edge of a home’s roof and prevent the melting snow and/or water from draining off the roof. This water, if left undrained, can cause leaks in your home’s roof, ceilings, walls, insulation and other problems. Hiring a Golden Valley Ice Dam removal contractor is your safest and best bet to take care of this dangerous and tedious task.

A number of things can cause ice dams, including the loss of heat from your Golden Valley home, snow cover on your roof, and the outside temperatures. In order for ice dams to form, there typically must be snow cover on the roof of your home. At the same time, the higher areas of your roof’s outside surface are normally above freezing, while the lower surfaces are below freezing. This typically happens when the temperature outside is lower than freezing or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperatures at the higher levels of your roof reach above freezing, they begin to melt. As the water from this melting snow runs down the roof and reaches the lower portions of your roof (that are below freezing) it re-freezes. This causes an ice dam. The dam will grow as more water runs down the roof from the melting snow but will typically limit itself to those areas of the roof that remain below the freezing point. The water that has become trapped above the ice dam will remain unfrozen, finding cracks and openings in the roof and potentially causing water damage in the ceilings, insulation, and walls of your home.

It is possible to prevent and/or stop ice dams before they cause damage to the roof and interior of your Golden Valley home. In order to prevent ice dams completely, you must control the heat loss from your home. This can be done by checking your ceilings to ensure that they are well insulated and that no heat is escaping through the higher areas of your roof.

If you currently have ice dams, they can be removed before any damage is done. You should contact a professional Golden Valley ice dam removal contractor to come remove the ice and snow. This is a dangerous job and in certain weather conditions can be very treacherous.

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