Bay City Proper Maintenance To Avoid Vinyl Siding Repairs

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There is a clear choice available to today’s homeowner in the home side a market. Bay City siding Contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike all recommend Bay City vinyl siding for its ease of installation, low cost, and the low maintenance characteristics. Indeed a vinyl siding is considered by most to be one of the more user friendly house siding solutions.

This does not however mean that vinyl siding does not have its problems. It is not completely damage proof, certain types of stains can make your vinyl siding brittle. Thus proper maintenance i.e. cleaning will significantly lengthen the life of your vinyl siding. Below are some popular cleaning suggestions that will help you the homeowner avoid vinyl siding repair.

The most common issue arising from the vinyl siding is staining. Is staining occurs from accumulated dust, dirt, and debris that is not washed away. Fortunately, for the homeowner preventing staining is exceptionally easy. A solution of 10% detergent and regular tap water can be applied to the vinyl siding with a soft cloth or brush. The homeowner then gently wipes the surface of the vinyl siding to remove any built-up debris. To avoid the hassle of using a ladder the homeowner may opt to use a hose attachment. These attachments are simply hooked up to common garden hoses and are used to spray hard to reach areas. Must be taken when using one of these however to avoid forcing water into any exposed crevices.

For more stubborn stains a weak bleach solution can be used, usually one to 10 ratio. Otherwise, chemicals such as naphtha are usually quite successful. It is recommended to first start with naphtha or other house cleaning solutions before moving on to bleach, as there is a potential to permanentlydiscolor your vinyl siding when using bleach. Either way proper, maintenance will reduce the chance of having to conduct the vinyl siding repairs in the future.

There are cleaners made specifically for cleaning and removing stains on Bay City vinyl siding. A popular brand is the Restorea Heavy Duty Cleaner available at This is a very popular safe cleaning agent. It is used to remove deep stains such as chalk, mildew, algae, and oxidation. This product is best used in conjunction with the Restora® Lo-Lustre Vinyl Revitalizer. The vinyl Revitalizer gives your vinyl siding a very attractive shine.

These are just some of the methods used to perform proper maintenance on your vinyl siding, and hopefully prevent future of vinyl siding repairs. Although Bay City vinyl siding is not 100% maintenance free it is in fact much easier to maintain than many other forms of house siding, and should you ever have to replace any broken panels you’ll find that vinyl siding repair is much easier than repairing other forms of siding.

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