Krumm Siding & Roofing FAQ's

How Do Your Prices Compare To Others?

We certainly are not the most expensive, but we are also not the cheapest either. We’ve always believed that “too good to be true” prices are just that – too good to be true. It means the contractor is taking a shortcut somewhere: poor materials, unskilled workers, not standing behind the work. Something has to give if you are offering ultra-cheap prices.

At the same time, Krumm Siding & Roofing is not one of those huge home improvement companies with tons of overhead from a large office staff. This is how we keep our prices affordable, but still deliver top quality.

Are Your Quotes Firm Or Just A Rough Estimate?

Our quotes are firm and in writing. The quote is what you pay, and not a penny more.

Do You Have References?

Yes. In fact, we are happy to provide references and let you talk directly to our past customers. We feel it is one of the best ways to truly know what it is like to work with Krumm Siding & Roofing. Just contact us and we will happily provide you with references.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

How Can I Learn More About Krumm Siding & Roofing?

Read the Krumm Siding & Roofing Contractors Standards Guide. We pack this guide full of specifics and objective standards you can use to judge any contractor. And we also provide proof in the guide that we meet our own high standards.

What Can I Expect From Your Salespeople?

When people ask this question, what they usually mean is: “Am I going to have a salesperson camped out on my couch using every sales trick in the book until I agree to the project?” The answer with us is Absolutely NOT. In our opinion, high pressure sales, bait and switch tactics and all the rest of it has no place in the home improvement industry. We know some still do this, but we would rather educate you on your choices, give you a firm quote, and then step back and let you decide.

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