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What Kind Of Warranty Will Come With My Siding?

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding Versus Seamless Steel Siding?

Seamless steel siding looks better and tends to be more durable. This is why it is our first recommendation in most cases. But it does cost more than vinyl.

And it is not that vinyl is a bad choice – not at all. It is a great value: it looks good, is durable and is energy efficient (if you select a foam-backed option). Call us for a free siding consultation, and we can answer your specific questions.

Who Will Install My Siding?

An experienced crew – no ifs, ands, or buts. Our owner Mike Krumm supervises every project and is almost always on site every day. Mike will shut work down and have his crew immediately correct anything that does not meet his exacting standards. Mike is known for getting the details right – he insists on perfect installation even in areas where most people never see (which is where most contractors will cut corners). Also, Krumm Siding & Roofing does not use workers from temporary day labor pools.

Does Siding Make A Home More Energy Efficient?

It can. It very much depends on the choices you make. For instance, if you choose vinyl siding, a foam-backed option is the superior choice for energy efficiency. Steel siding is also an excellent choice for energy efficiency.

During a free siding consultation, we can educate you with the specifics for the siding you are considering. A good rule of thumb is to ask about the R-Value of any siding you are considering. The higher the R-Value, the more energy efficient the siding is.

Is Your Siding Really “Maintenance Free”?

The siding choices we offer are virtually maintenance free. What does that mean? If it gets a little dirty, just take out the hose and rinse it down. No painting. No complicated cleaning techniques.

Can You Tell Me How Much This Will Cost?

No honest home improvement contractor can give you an accurate price without first talking to you about your specific needs. What I can tell you is this. You will get a precise quote and plenty of time to look it over with absolutely no pressure. If you decide to work with us, you will pay what you have been quoted – not a penny more.

How Can I Learn More About Krumm Siding & Roofing?

Read the Krumm Siding & Roofing Contractors Standards Guide. We pack this guide full of specifics and objective standards you can use to judge any contractor. And we also provide proof in the guide that we meet our own high standards.

Please also click here to visit our Reputation page.

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