Testimonials of our Professional Roofing Contractors in Wisconsin & MInnesota

- Arlen B. Bayport, MN | Rated 5 / 5

"The quality of workmanship was excellent. Krumm Siding & Roofing did some eave and gutter work for me. They were supposed to do it last fall, but I had called them late in the season and they ended up having to push it to the spring. There was one issue during the project, but they came back pronto to fix it. I am actually located in Canada, So I scheduled the job via email. The communication was very timely. I would recommend them."

- Sheila S. Somerset, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Satisfied. It was my first time using Krumm Siding and Roofing. They replaced the roof in my barn. At first, they had some trouble with the roof because its condition was worse than he thought. Mike was responsive, if I called, he would call me back WIthln halfan hour. I'm satisfied with everything."

- Jim D. Osceola, WI | Rated 4 / 5

"Friendly, on time, and within budget. Krumm Siding & Roofing, lnc did what they said they were going to do without any problems. They re-roofed three buildings for us and it all turned out really good."

- Scott W. Hudson , WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Very Satisfied. I‘ve used Krumm Siding & Roofing twice now. The people that work there are friendly and do a great job. They put rain gutters on my house and on my shed. They did a good job and everything seems to work. They also made sure to clean after they finished the job. They did all I could ask for. I would recommend them."

- Orvin L. Richmond, MN | Rated 4 / 5

"Timely and efficient. I'm very pleased with Krumm Siding & Roofing. They repaired several shingles in our roof and were professional from start to finish. The crew was neat, hardworking, and had fifiellent attention to detail. My husband and l were both impressed by how quickly and efficiently they worked. I would strongly recommend them."

- Andrew H. Stillwater, MN | Rated 5 / 5

"Dry house, happy camper! When Krumm Siding & Roofing, lnc pulled off our old roof, it was clear we had problems. The lining underneath was awful - the boards from 1927 had never been replaced! They told us that they really couldn't put a new roof over that, and gave us a deal for not having caught the problem sooner. The crew was amazing! They didn't stop working, and got the job done before the weekend. Most of all, I appreciated there honesty. Krumm Siding & Roofing really stand behind their products."

- Pat D. Amery, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Would get them again Krumm Siding & Roofing put on a whole new roof on our house. We had some bad shingles so they replaced it, covered everything so there was no mess at all. They were also quick to get back to our calls when we left as message. Always got a response."

- Jim & Sandy V. New Richmond, WV | Rated 5 / 5

"Mixed experience, wouldn't recommend Mixed experience when dealing with these guys. The customer service over the phone and pricing was great, no issues there whatsoever. In terms of the service however, it was definitely sub-par. The technician left the door open after the service was completed, and wind ripped the door off the hinges. They did come back when I called and repaired it."

- Lucinda M. Woodville, WI | Rated 2 / 5

"Good experience. Krumm Siding & Roofing removed snow from my roof. The crew was nice and they worked fast and efficiently. That's all I could ask for. My experience with their company has been good, which is why this was the second time I used them qunow removal. I'd definitely continue to use their service."

- Maria A. River Falls, MN | Rated 5 / 5

"Very happy I'm very, very happy with Krumm Siding & Roofing. They did our windows, roofing, and siding, and they were great people to deal with. 1 found out about them through word of mouth, and I'd use their services again."

- Jessica L. New Richmond, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Elevated the art of customer service. I'd give Krumm Siding & Roofing 5+ stars, maybe 10! I could not be happier with them. I would frame this by saying that customer service is a waning art. Mr. Krumm elevated it to what I experienced as a kid. He was very responsive. If he didn‘t know the answer that minute he would have one within a half hour. We had a little trouble with the insurance but Mr. Krumm Straightened it all out. I didn't have to do anything."

- Lloyd N. Hudson, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Really happy! Krumm Siding & Roofing did excellent. They handled the job well and coordinated time with the builders. They were clean and didn't leave any big messes. We have a lot of iron in our water, so our siding was damaged from the sprinkler staining the side of the house. They replaced the siding and make it match perfectly. It was seamless, and we are very happy."

- Jeff B. Osceola, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Very satisfied. I would absolutely recommend Krumm Siding & Roofing. The prices are very fair and the service is excellent. Mike was timely, professional, and helpful. He repaired some leaky gutter seams and also re-roofed spme ar as. He provided photos and cost-efficient solutions. Very happy with the results and would definitely use them again."

- Roger K. Thief River Falls, MN | Rated 5 / 5

"Top notch service from people you can trust. In my experience with Krumm Siding & Roofing lnc. they were outstanding and l have been highly satisfied with their work. Great all around customer service, very responsive in regards to call-backs and e ails. I felt as if there was any cellent value for the price and I highly reccommend them going forward to anyone in need of siding or roofing services. "

- Bob L. River Falls, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Certainly been pleased with the work they've done We've been pretty well satisfied with Krumm Siding & Roofing. They put up gutter for us that have started leaking but we're not sure if that's from the winter or if it‘s something they need to look at. Either way, we've certainly been pleased with the work they've done and I have recommended them twice bofore."

- Mark B. Balsam Lake, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Certainly been pleased with the work they've done. We've been pretty satisfied with Krumm Siding & Roofing. They put up gutter for us that have started leaking but we're not sure if that's from the winter or if it's something they need to look at. Either way, we've certainly been pleased with the work they've done and I have recommended them twice before."

- Mark B. Balsam Lake, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"I would recommend them to anyone! Overall 1 had a wonderful experience with Krumm Siding & Roofing Inc. and 1 was highly satisfied with the work they did. I thought their workman were polite and thorough, performed thejob with a strong work ethic, didn't let up throughout the day and did everything in an eficient and timely manner. I will continue to use them in the future as need be."

- Susanne M. Somerset, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Excellent experience. Krumm Siding & Roofing was a pleasure to deal with. They were very responsive when 1 called and followed up with an appointment pretty quickly. Dale arrived on time and was able to find the location of the leak in my roof right away. He was able to fix it for a very reasonable price and was very neat and professional without being pushy. I'd definitely recommend them."

- Lee K. Spring Brook, WI | Rated 5 / 5

"Very satisfied Krumm Siding & Roofing is great. This was my first time using them and they came when they said they would. They did a terrific job re-roofing my house. It doesn't leak now or anything and they also took the time to remove all of‘the ice that was on there at the time. They Cleaned up the job and prices where in line with the quality of service. I'd definitely use them again."

- Dorene Z. Somerset, WI | Rated 5 / 5

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